NYIME is a Manchester-born singer, and songwriter. After having a few years away she released her single, ‘Reload’ back in October and has now returned with another brilliant song, ‘In the Beginning’.

The slow-tempo, emotive and ballad-y “In the Beginning” powerfully echoes her devotion and commitment to the Highest who she hails as her foundation. The song follows the story of humanity and the theme of redemption is prominent. “We can’t look to nobody else…Only You” are some of the lyrics in her latest track that speak to her passion and the driving force of her life.

‘In the Beginning’ opens with an atmospheric intro which is gently accompanied by a sweet acoustic melody. The song builds slowly alongside the lyrics until the vamp, “Only You” where Nyime delivers a passionate and emotive performance.

The producer of the song is Féz of the OL Creative Enterprise; one of the two producers on her last track, ‘Reload’.

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