Onu Peter, a Germany-based Nigerian gospel artist, has unveiled a stunning new music video for his recently released single, “Uchu Gbede Ojo.” Directed by David Ayeni, the video is a visual masterpiece that effectively captures the emotional depth of the song.

“Uchu Gbede Ojo,” which translates to “I Am Grateful” in Onu Peter’s native Igala language, is an Afrobeat-Amapiano vibe that offers praise to God.

In the video, Onu Peter takes viewers on a captivating journey through Prague and Brno in the Czech Republic, showcasing breathtaking imagery and vibrant colours. From start to finish, the video is a captivating visual feast that complements the impactful lyrics and soaring melodies of the song.

Onu Peter is known for creating compelling sounds that push the boundaries of the medium. His previous songs have been praised for their creativity and originality, and this latest offering is no exception. With its beautiful visuals and deeply heartfelt emotions, the “Uchu Gbede Ojo” video is sure to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Additionally, Onu Peter has another highly anticipated single titled “Na Miracle” set to be released in July. With its bold new sound and thought-provoking lyrics, the song promises to be one of his most exciting releases yet. Fans can look forward to experiencing Onu Peter’s innovative approach to music once again.

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