“Spontaneous Worship” is an awe-inspiring medley released by the acclaimed gospel music minister, worshipper, and recording artist Peterson Okopi. In this lengthy and captivating worship session, Peterson Okopi collaborates with Paul Tomisin to lead listeners into the presence of God.

The medley is a heartfelt expression of gratitude for God’s faithfulness in our lives. Through powerful and anointed worship, Peterson Okopi and Paul Tomisin proclaim God’s unwavering faithfulness and declare that His name will be worshipped and praised forevermore.

The medley also highlights the greatness of the Lord, emphasizing that no one is above Him. It encourages listeners to worship God in spirit and truth, acknowledging His unmatched power and majesty.

“Spontaneous Worship” is not just a collection of songs; it is a divine encounter that invites listeners to join in the adoration and surrender to the presence of God. The medley creates an atmosphere of worship where believers can connect deeply with God and experience His transformative presence.

As you stream and listen to “Spontaneous Worship” by Peterson Okopi and Paul Tomisin, be prepared to be swept away by the powerful and anointed worship that will touch your heart and draw you closer to the presence of God. Share this uplifting worship experience with others as you bask in the glorious presence of the Lord.

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