Prince Onyeke, the celebrated first runner-up of the inaugural DE PROJECT Gospel Music Competition held in 2023, has released his debut single, “FIND REST.” The competition, a landmark event in Kano State, Nigeria, has set a new standard in the gospel music scene by showcasing exceptional talents and inspirational messages.

Prince, a gifted gospel artist, captivated audiences with his original piece “Find Rest” during the grand finale of DE PROJECT. 

This track, known for its profound depth, melody, and spiritual message, highlights the comforting and powerful nature of God, offering solace to those who seek Him. “Find Rest” is one of many songs Prince composed while refining his skills at DE PROJECT’s music faculty.

Sponsored by Mike Joe International, the DE PROJECT Gospel Music Competition aims to discover and nurture gospel music talents in the region and beyond. This initiative not only provides a platform for emerging artists but also enriches the cultural and spiritual fabric of the community.

Prince explains, “‘Find Rest’ is a song of reassurance, bringing comfort, joy, and peace to those who turn to Jesus. He is our eternal and reliable source of help in times of depression and confusion. Walking with Jesus means embracing a life of love and rest.”

In addition to his musical talents, Prince Onyeke is a tech-savvy individual and a Music Director with a degree in International Relations. He has been passionate about music for over a decade.

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