“Out Of My Belly” is the latest Sound from  Minister Prospa Ochimana. The song was inspired by the powerful words of Jesus as recorded in John 7:37-38.
This sound was recorded Live at The Jesus Experience Worship Conference 2021 at The Transforming Church, Gwarinpa, Abuja – Nigeria.

The ‘Out of my Belly’ sound is an anthem sung both by infants and adults.
Singing this anthem arouses the consciousness of every deposit of God in me, stirring and channelling them towards everything around me.
The song also creates an atmosphere where the existence of all impossibilities diminishes.

This sound features two of God’s choice Psalmists, Moses Akoh and Theophilus Sunday.

It will bless you and stir up an atmosphere of the supernatural within your space and beyond. God bless You as you enjoy the stirring up of the rivers on your inside.



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