Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, and music minister, Remilekun Rhythms releases her latest single titled “MAA  J’OLORUN MI LO “

 The song delivered in the Yoruba dialect, Maa j’Olorun mi lo is an inspirational song. Telling how dependable and great our God is. Requesting Him to be Our God continually. When a human fails He never fails. He’s there for us and he will always be to the point where humans are ready to disgrace us.

When you sing this song God will always come through for you at every critical point in life.

Remilekun Rhythms is a professional versatile artiste. She explores different styles of music. The lead singer of a live band (Remilekun Rhythms Band). She started singing in the church choir at age 5. Led the choir in several music competitions and concerts. After She had her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Lagos State University, She proceeded to study voice and piano at Tenstrings music institute. She has worked with several notable gospels and circular artists both on stage and in the studio as a chorus singer for countless albums/projects. Finally taking music as a career. I have sung at different corporate and social gatherings like weddings, birthdays, etc in presence of top Nigerian dignitaries like Mr. Femi Otedola, chief Olabode Goerge etc. Also at religious gatherings in Nigeria and United Kingdom. Still making waves in the music industry to date.




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