Renowned Gospel music minister, Shade Kings Oyewusi, has joined forces with celebrated singer Samsong to deliver a soul-stirring new single titled “Greatest Love.” Shade Kings Oyewusi has already made an indelible mark in the gospel music industry, and this collaboration with Samsong adds another dimension of excellence to her illustrious career.

The song “Greatest Love” is a powerful anthem that magnifies the greatest love of all – God’s love. This divine love is described as magnificent, unparalleled, and boundless. With their emotive vocals and impactful lyrics, Shade Kings Oyewusi and Samsong create a musical experience that deeply resonates with listeners, drawing them into a place of heartfelt worship and adoration.

The collaboration between these two gospel music powerhouses results in a song that stands as a testament to God’s unwavering and limitless love for humanity. “Greatest Love” is now available on all major music streaming platforms, offering a beautiful and transformative musical journey for all who listen.

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