Abuja based songstress Stephanie Kome-Ita has once again blessed the world with her powerful worship tone, “All the Glory.” This captivating and soul-stirring composition is a powerful call to devote ourselves fully to God, acknowledging His greatness and offering Him the worship He truly deserves.

From the very first note, “All the Glory” ignites the heart and soul in praising and worshiping God. Stephanie Kome-Ita’s passionate vocals and the uplifting instrumentation create a worship atmosphere that is sure to uplift your spirit and draw you into a deeper connection with the divine.

The song embodies the deep longing to worship God with all our hearts, minds, and souls, recognizing His majesty and magnificence. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the significance of worship in our lives, guiding us to give God the honor and praise He deserves.

As you listen to “All the Glory,” you’ll find yourself immersed in a worship experience that will leave you in awe of God’s presence. Stephanie Kome-Ita’s heartfelt delivery and soulful expression will encourage you to express your gratitude and adoration for God in a profound and sincere manner.

This song is not just a mere musical piece; it’s an invitation to experience a divine encounter and intimacy with the Creator through worship. It calls us to return all the glory to God and to surrender ourselves fully to His will.

Stephanie Kome-Ita’s “All the Glory” is a beautiful expression of worship that will uplift and inspire you, drawing you closer to the heart of God. So, join in this soul-stirring journey and let your heart be filled with gratitude and awe as you offer all the glory to God, the One who is worthy of all our praise and adoration.

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