Happy new month fam!

Here’s a great piece on staying FOCUSED, written by our columnist Dr. Victor Babatunde.

I love #NatGeoWild, especially watching and learning from the strongest and the wildest terrestrial cat family, the Lion. So much to learn from that animal. One of its numerous traits is the Power of Focus. Irrespective of the happenings around, he’s never moved. The animal maintains focus. While hunting for food, he maintains focus. Targets just one animal amongst several and goes for it. The power of focus. He’s always relaxed. Always demonstrating he’s the king of the jungle. Never bothered. Never perturbed.

In this month of June, be focused. Intentionally refuse to be distracted. There are lot of happenings around, do not be perturbed. Be calmed. Choose your fight and choose it right. You must not fight every fight. Just like the lion that targets only one prey amongst many, be like the lion. Stop jumping from one place to another looking for who to fight. Stop getting unnecessarily distracted. If social media is becoming toxic for you due to what you’ve been reading lately, take a break. By all means, stay focused. Review your friends, stop keeping friends that will be drawing you to come fight every battle. You get hurt the more. At the end, the person you’re fighting might not even be aware but you’re there troubling and fidgeting.

Over the years, I’ve learnt from this wonderful animal. Very focused. Very calculative in his fight. Never expending energy wrongly. When a lion goes after an animal, there are over 95% chances he’s gonna get the animal. This is due to his power of focus.

Please, I understand that sometimes, because of past experience, we tend to judge people wrongly thinking they’re the same with those who have caused us pain in the past, but doing this baseless generalization has never been the solution to curbing evil. We must be careful how we generalize evil. This can always be made feasible by being intentionally focused.

Also note, it is not so cool recruiting innocent people to have the same perception with you just because of your unfortunate experiences. For instance, there are those who have never seen any good in marriage. It is fine as that’s their perception of marriage and it should be respected but it becomes evil trying to recruit those without same perception to share similar sentiment with you.

In the same vein, there are those who see every man as a potential rapist because of their experience in the past, that’s fine and should be respected, but initiating others to share similar thought is evil. Every man can never be rapist or a potential rapist. While we condemn the act, we should be weary of generalization. Conversely, every woman isn’t an abuser of men.

Let’s be careful in times of painful emotion and learn to stay focused. Focused people are successful people. They know how to conserve energy. They know when to fight and when not to. They’re never dismayed by happenings around. Always at alert, vigilant and watchful.

I’ve also been privileged to learn this rare trait from Bishop David Oyedepo. He has never responded to critics, never bothered about the perception of people of him. Never caught fighting others. Never angry at those criticizing him. He’s been able to maintain his niche in the Christendom, remaining focused and expending his energies aright. No wonder he’s successful.

In this month of June, stay focused.

Happy New Month.

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Dr. Victor Babatunde is a practicing medical doctor and a passionate writer. He also has an interest in Music. He is a columnist with www.favouriteemusic.com.

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