“You Dey Do Wonder” by Tony Gabriel is a gospel song that celebrates the marvels and blessings bestowed by a higher power.

  • Gratitude: The lyrics likely express thankfulness for God’s miracles and interventions in the singer’s life. Phrases like “You Dey Do Wonder” (You Are Doing Wonders) point towards this appreciation.
  • Faith: The song could be an anthem of faith, highlighting the unwavering belief in God’s guidance and presence.

Without directly listening to the song, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact subgenre of gospel music. However, gospel music is known for its soulful vocals, uplifting message, and use of choirs or backing harmonies.

“You Dey Do Wonder” is likely available on major streaming platforms like Apple Music and Boomplay Music. It may also be found on YouTube.

To gain a deeper understanding of the song, you could try searching for online reviews, music videos (if available), or interviews with Tony Gabriel.

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