Ajibola Mabel Aina, a US-based Nigerian Gospel singer, has released the video for her latest single titled “My Redeemer”. The song, according to Ajibola, was composed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It serves as a powerful anthem of worship and prayer.

In “My Redeemer,” Ajibola reflects on the manifestation of God in her life and how He has victoriously won her battles. With a heart filled with gratitude, she offers her worship, knowing that God will continue to guide her through life’s journey. The song is a sweet melody filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit, providing listeners with a deep understanding of who their Redeemer is and the extraordinary things He is capable of doing in their lives. It serves as a reminder to acknowledge God as our Redeemer.

The video for “My Redeemer” enhances the message of the song, allowing viewers to visually connect with the powerful lyrics and experience the atmosphere of worship created by Ajibola’s soulful vocals. Through this song, Ajibola Mabel Aina aims to inspire listeners to have a deeper relationship with God and to trust in His redemptive power.

“My Redeemer” is a testament to Ajibola’s faith and her desire to share the message of God’s love and faithfulness through her music. It is a heartfelt expression of worship and a declaration of God’s power to transform lives.

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