Hyscent Stephen Shekwoyadu Magaji, also known as Hyscent Mag, is an independent gospel music minister based in Abuja. He is affiliated with ElyoMedia Records in Texas, USA. Hyscent is the pioneer of an evangelical music ministry called “JESUS KNOCKS INT’L” which focuses on hosting live music concerts that declare the lordship of Jesus and bring souls to reconciliation with God the Father through special songs.

One of Hyscent’s latest records is titled “REHOBOTH,” which he is eager to share with the world. The inspiration for the song comes from the story of Isaac in the Holy Bible (Genesis 26:22). “REHOBOTH” symbolizes peace, restoration, settlement, abundance, and infinite celebration.

Prepare yourself for the impact of “REHOBOTH” in your life as you join in singing along to the song. Hyscent Mag’s passion for ministry and his dedication to spreading the message of peace and celebration through music makes him an artist to watch out for in the gospel music scene.

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