IYANU is Wole’s first-ever Afrobeats track. It features the incomparable Christian rapper, Snatcha, and was produced by the top-notch Nigerian producer, Femi Olajide aka Mr Eff.

This song is actually a contemporary remake of an old Yoruba chorus Wole learned to sing with his family and in church growing up as a young lad. With a couple of verses added to it, Snatcher bringing in a well-rhymed bridge, and Mr Eff craftily building the perfect sound for it, it came back to life with verve and vigour!

IYANU is the Yoruba word for Wonderful. The song basically speaks of God’s works as simply full of wonders –Wonderful. Everything that exists in the multiverse –the planets, the inhabitants, the laws of nature, the systematic synchrony of the cycle of life, etc… are all perfectly balanced by the one who created and commissioned them –God


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