God does not build walls around the places where he is going to move sovereignly. He has a strategy of protecting his people to see his purpose established. However, the devil always wants to fight against the purpose of God, and he does this by establishing his own walls against God’s people.

In Nigeria, the first walls that we have are tribal and religious walls. These walls divide us and prevent us from working together to achieve God’s purpose for our nation. The template for the new Nigeria is a de-tribalized people, who are fused into a corporate person by the sovereign of God.

The strength of these de-tribalized people is their diversity. They are able to translate the uniqueness of their constituent diversity into a mosaic of salvation for our being. The reason for walls is security, but Jerusalem is a city without walls because God has a security strategy that does not include our human walls.

In other words, God’s people are safe when they are united in him. They do not need to build walls to protect themselves from the enemy. When we are united in Christ, we are a force to be reckoned with. We can overcome any obstacle that the enemy puts in our way.

I believe that Nigeria is on the verge of a great awakening. We are seeing a growing movement of de-tribalized people who are uniting in Christ. This is the beginning of the new Nigeria, a nation that is united in diversity and empowered by the Spirit of God.



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