Our walk with God is not just about us, but also about the next generation. That’s why we need to press in for more of God now so that we will not be a waste to our generation.

When the purpose of something is not known, abuse is inevitable. This is also true when there is supply without a demand, or release without hunger. It is not enough that we receive from God; we must also learn how to manage what we receive in terms of people and resources.

Anything that we despise is wasted. In the Bible, a wasteful person is known as a destroyer. A lazy person and a wasteful person are like two peas in a pod. Nothing appreciates in the hands of a wasteful person.

We must learn to value small things so that we will be entrusted with more. Wastefulness can also take the form of pride. One way to identify wasteful people is that they are more excited about profit than value. Wasteful people also tend to isolate themselves from others.

If we want to be a blessing to the next generation, we must be careful not to waste the gifts that God has given us. We must learn to manage our resources wisely, and we must value even the most minor things. We must also be humble and avoid pride, which can lead to wastefulness.


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