Benny Hinn is a well-known evangelist, preacher, and televangelist known for his healing crusades and teachings on faith, prosperity, and divine healing. Throughout his ministry, he has emphasized the importance of having a personal relationship with God and hearing His voice.

In the highlights of the inspiring message you mentioned, Benny Hinn stresses the significance of nurturing a deep and meaningful relationship with God as the key to hearing His voice. He references Colossians 1:9, encouraging believers to draw near to God to open the door to divine communication.

Benny Hinn also cautions against obstacles that can hinder hearing God’s voice, such as living in disobedience or being deceived by false prophets. He underscores the importance of discernment and staying rooted in God’s word as a means of receiving divine guidance and clarity.

The sermon likely concludes with a powerful prayer, seeking God’s help and guidance in developing the ability to hear His voice clearly.

It’s important to note that Benny Hinn’s teachings have inspired and impacted many people around the world. However, like any preacher or teacher, his teachings may have varying interpretations and responses from individuals.

If you are interested in accessing Benny Hinn’s specific sermons, I recommend checking official sources like his ministry’s website or reputable platforms that feature his teachings and messages. Always approach spiritual teachings with discernment and seek to develop a personal understanding of God’s word through prayer and studying the Scriptures.

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