Cyrus Richie, the talented gospel artist from Sierra Leone based in Germany, has released his highly anticipated single “Blow My Mind.” This exciting Afrogospel tune showcases Cyrus Richie’s versatility as he taps into the popular Afrobeats sound while delivering a powerful message about God’s indescribable love.

Produced by ePianoh, “Blow My Mind” is Cyrus Richie’s second official release this year, following the successful reggae-infused track “Because He Lives” released in March. With this new song, Cyrus Richie demonstrates his ability to transcend different genres and captivate audiences worldwide with the message of the Gospel.

Since his debut in 2018 with the song “Most High God,” Cyrus Richie has consistently served the body of Christ and the world with impactful songs of praise and worship. “Blow My Mind” is no exception, as it combines infectious rhythms and melodies with a heartfelt message of God’s love and goodness.

As you listen to “Blow My Mind,” be prepared to be uplifted and inspired by Cyrus Richie’s passionate delivery and the contagious energy of the song. The lyrics will resonate with your spirit, reminding you of the boundless love and faithfulness of God.

Whether you are a fan of Afrobeats or a lover of gospel music, “Blow My Mind” is a song that will captivate your heart and move your feet. It is a testament to Cyrus Richie’s commitment to spreading the Gospel through his unique musical style.

Take a moment to listen to “Blow My Mind” on your favourite music streaming platform and allow the powerful message and infectious rhythms to touch your soul. Get ready to be blown away by the extraordinary talent of Cyrus Richie as he continues to make his mark in the gospel music industry.

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