Kolawole’s journey as a musician has seen him evolve from being known primarily as a skilled saxophonist to becoming a powerful force in birthing songs of the spirit. In recent years, he has intentionally partnered with the Holy Spirit to release impactful sounds that resonate globally.

Among his recent releases, including “Gbope” and “Showed Up,” Kolawole’s collaboration with Dunsin Oyekan on the song “Live” stands out as a significant milestone. “Live” is a transformative sound that has the power to awaken dormant spirits and ignite a deep hunger for the enforcement of God’s divine will on earth.

The song was recorded live at the Factory Reset event in Ontario, Canada, capturing the energy and atmosphere of passionate worship. “Live” goes beyond being a mere song to listen to; it is an invitation to engage in prayer and alignment with the Spirit. As you immerse yourself in the sound of “Live,” be prepared for a life-changing experience.

The impact of “Live” goes beyond mere musical enjoyment. It carries an anointing that has the potential to bring about transformation in the lives of those who embrace it. The lyrics and melodies will touch your spirit, stirring up a desire to see God’s will manifested in every aspect of your life.

Kolawole’s collaboration with Dunsin Oyekan in “Live” is a testament to their shared passion for ushering in the presence of God through worship. Their combined talents and anointing create a synergy that amplifies the message of the song and carries it to new heights.

As you listen and pray along with “Live,” prepare to be transported into a realm of divine encounter. Allow the sound to penetrate deep within your being, igniting a fire that will propel you to walk in alignment with God’s purposes. “Live” is not just a song; it is a catalyst for transformation and a powerful tool for spiritual breakthroughs.

Open your heart, engage in worship, and let the sound of “Live” inspire you to live a life fully surrendered to the will of God.


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