Gospel artist and songwriter, Emmanuel Dickson has released his highly anticipated single, “I am Yours”. The song is a follow-up to his previous releases and collaborations, including the hit song “It’s Gonna Be Alright,” which he co-wrote and featured as an artist. With “I am Yours” Emmanuel delivers a powerful theme that resonates with every born-again Christian.

“I am Yours” is more than just a song; it’s a musical journey that celebrates the identity of all believers in Christ. Emmanuel’s reflections on the profound truth of God’s Word inspired him to write the song, which delves deep into the epiphany of being a child of God and the boundless joy and freedom that comes with it.

The creation process of the song began during a rehearsal session, where Emmanuel randomly started playing the captivating melody of the chorus on the piano. From there, the song took shape, with heartfelt lyrics flowing effortlessly, inspired by the profound truth of being God’s beloved.

Listeners can expect an immersive experience as the song’s composition takes them on a soul-stirring ride. The vocals, provided by an ensemble of singers who blend seamlessly in unison and harmony, add to the richness of the sound. The groove, which is both funky and irresistible, sets the pace for the movement. And Emmanuel, who layers his ad-libs on it all, brings the energy and the emotion. Together, these elements make “I am Yours” a song that is sure to have listeners on their feet, their heads bopping to the rhythm.

The song also has an empowering message, which encourages listeners to embrace their identity in Christ fully. In the outro, Emmanuel leaves a positive note, reminding listeners, “You are God’s child; don’t let them tell you you’re not!”

Emmanuel Dickson’s latest single, “I am Yours,” is out now and available on all streaming platforms. You can also watch the official lyric video on his YouTube channel.



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