Opeyemi Olatunji, known also known as “YemyTpx”, the voice behind songs like “ERUJEJE “,”IYE” , “NUMBER 1” ,YouNoBeMan” “O CANADA (Celebration Song) and some other sensational and inspirational songs ,is yet again captivating his fans and listeners with the release of his new single, “BILA.” This song, whose title translates to “Make Way,” serves as a powerful anthem of encouragement and confession.
YemyTpx brings out the spirit of his faith in his new song “BILA.
According to YemyTpx , in his own narration;
“ BILA (Make-Way ) is a song born out of my conviction , encouragement and confession about Gods presence and existence in the middle of trouble and storms of life ,an extraction from my old Song “IYE “( Copyright 2012).
Confess and hold unto your faith just like the three Hebrews that were thrown into the lake of fire  insisting that they won’t bow for the graven image of the king even if God refuse to save them , same with Job and Paul saying “Nothing that enters our life is able or sufficient to separate us from God’s love demonstrated at the cross. God’s love allows the believer to be a conqueror in adversity “(Romans 8:37).
Sit back confess it , and be encouraged, reshare to encourage others too going through not to give up on God and their faith
God is real !!!

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