Tobi Micheal Amos, popularly known as Saint Tobi, is an Abuja-based worship leader who has released a powerful worship EP titled “Worship Room.” Saint Tobi is recognized as a prophetic worship leader, and his ministry was birthed through a deep commitment to intercession for the coming revival.

The purpose of the “Worship Room” EP is to stir up a greater awareness of God’s presence in the hearts of listeners and prepare them for the coming revival and eternity. Saint Tobi believes that worship is a transformative encounter with God that allows individuals to connect with His heart and experience His power and love.

Saint Tobi’s worship style is known for its prophetic edge, helping people find a response from God to the cry of their generation. He is actively involved in the worship team of Koinonia, Eternity Network International, and serves as part of the King’s Voice Choir at Peace House International Christian Center in Abuja, Nigeria.

In addition to his ministry as a worship leader, Saint Tobi is also the founder of “Saint Tobi and The Portals,” an initiative dedicated to creating an atmosphere of worship that ushers people into the presence of God.

Saint Tobi is a married man and is blessed with children. His passion for worship and his commitment to intercession reflect his desire to see a revival that impacts lives and draws people closer to God. Through his ministry, he aims to inspire and lead others into a deeper experience of worship and intimacy with God.



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