Vivi Onyibe, a Nigerian gospel music diva based in France, has released a new single titled “Imele Chineke.” The title is in the Igbo language, which is predominantly spoken in the eastern region of Nigeria, and it translates to “Thank You Jesus” in English.

The song is a heartfelt expression of gratitude and thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness and blessings in Vivi Onyibe’s life, starting from her childhood. Through “Imele Chineke,” she aims to convey her deep appreciation to Jesus for all He has done.

Vivi Onyibe’s connection to her roots is evident in the use of the Igbo language in the song, which adds cultural richness and resonance to the lyrics. By choosing to express her gratitude in her native language, she creates a deeper connection with her audience and invites them to join in the celebration and thanksgiving of Jesus.

“Imele Chineke” is a testament to Vivi Onyibe’s personal journey of faith and serves as an inspiration for listeners to reflect on their own lives and offer their gratitude to God for His goodness and grace.

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