Josh Blayze, a US-based Nigerian gospel artist and Worship pastor, has released his highly anticipated new single titled “GREAT.” The song is now available on various digital platforms and is accompanied by a captivating lyric video.

“GREAT” is a contemporary praise and worship anthem that magnifies the exceeding greatness of God. The song emphasizes that God is deserving of all glory, honour, and praise. With its high-energy and powerful lyrics, the song showcases Josh’s remarkable vocals and heralds the awesomeness of God.

This release comes after Josh’s successful “Goodness worship experience tour,” which has been ongoing for over two years. The tour has allowed Josh to connect with audiences and lead them in uplifting worship experiences.

Prior to “GREAT,” Josh Blayze collaborated with Michale Stuckey on the song “It Was You,” which was well-received by listeners. With a music ministry career spanning two decades, Josh has consistently blessed the world with his worship and praise songs. He has worked alongside seasoned music ministers such as Mike Abdul, Soji Israel, and Samsong.

“GREAT” is expected to create an atmosphere of praise and worship, allowing listeners to join in exalting the Almighty God.

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