1. James Tabrita has released a 5-track EP titled “MORE,” which builds upon the success of his second single of 2023, “Deserving of More.” The entire EP is produced by Emex, adding a cohesive sound to the project.

    The tracklist for the EP includes the following songs:

    1. Deserving of More
    2. More of You
    3. I’m Free
    4. Lifetime
    5. No Need to Worry

    Each track on the EP offers a unique message and musical experience. From the uplifting declaration of being deserving of more to the heartfelt desire for more of God’s presence, the songs aim to inspire and encourage listeners in their faith journey. “I’m Free” celebrates the freedom found in Christ, while “Lifetime” expresses dedication and commitment to serving God. “No Need to Worry” reassures listeners of God’s faithfulness and provision.

    With the release of “MORE,” James Tabrita showcases his talent as a singer and songwriter, delivering an impactful and uplifting musical experience. Listeners are invited to stream and share the EP to be edified and inspired by its powerful message.


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