Nosakhare Godwin, a Nigerian-born gospel singer based in Russia, has released a new single titled “Grateful.” Known for her powerful vocals and soul-stirring lyrics, Nosakhare Godwin uses her music to inspire and uplift listeners.

“Grateful” is a song that emphasizes the importance of gratitude in our lives. Nosakhare Godwin’s heartfelt vocals combined with the skillful production by Oluwadrumma create a beautiful musical experience. The song reminds us to appreciate the blessings we have and to express our gratitude to God and others.

As a woman of faith, Nosakhare Godwin believes that her music is a divine gift, and she uses it to spread love, positivity, and the message of gratitude. Her music has touched the hearts of many, and she continues to inspire people around the world with her soulful melodies and impactful lyrics.

Through “Grateful,” Nosakhare Godwin invites listeners to join her in cultivating a spirit of gratitude and sharing that gratitude with those around them.


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