Maudlyn Abajuo is a gifted songwriter, gospel minister, and passionate follower of Jesus, dedicated to spreading the gospel and revealing the fullness of God through her inspired music, which is guided by the Holy Spirit.

Her latest single, “Eyin Oluwa,” was birthed in a place of worship and was directly inspired by the Holy Spirit. The title itself translates to “Praise The Lord” in Yoruba. Although Maudlyn is not fluent in Yoruba, she received a divine understanding of the song’s meaning with the help of her featured artist, Mr. Sola Soetan, who also co-produced the song. Together, they collaborated and added the final touches to the composition.

As weeks went by and Maudlyn continued to meditate on the song, a powerful message was revealed to her. This message, which carries significance for all, is conveyed at the end of the accompanying video.

“Eyin Oluwa” serves as a clarion call, inviting all to praise the Lord. Maudlyn’s intention with this song is to inspire listeners to join in worship and adoration, recognizing the greatness and goodness of God.

Maudlyn Abajuo’s deep connection with the Holy Spirit is evident in her music, as she seeks to convey the message of God’s love and reveal His fullness through her songs.

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