Faith Igwechi, a gospel recording artist, has recently released a new single titled “Kadosh.” This powerful song comes shortly after her live recording project and the launch of her audio/visual studio.

The word “Kadosh” is Hebrew for “Holy,” and the song serves as a proclamation of God’s holiness and His worthiness to receive glory.

Faith Igwechi shared that the inspiration for “Kadosh” came from a divine encounter where she found herself in the throne room of God. In this encounter, she witnessed angels, elders, and saints chanting “Kadosh Kadosh” (holy HOLY) while heaven and earth adored God.

Through this song, Faith Igwechi invites listeners to join in the declaration of God’s holiness and to participate in the worship of the Almighty. It is a call to embrace holiness and to unite with the angels and saints in proclaiming the greatness of God.

To fully experience the essence of “Kadosh,” the accompanying video is available for viewing, allowing listeners to engage visually with the message and worship expressed in the song.

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