Rox Nation and TIM GODFREY WORLD are delighted to
announce the release of brand new single “Ike” by Okey
Chuks, Winner of Sound Check Africa Reality Show Season 1.
The song “Ike” talks about the mightiness of God’s wonder-
working power. Under the tutelage of the Icon Tim Godfrey (President of Rox Nation & Convener of the Reality Show),
Okey Chuks emerged winner after weeks of intense training
and masterclasses, with a grand finale that was a massive
shut down in Lagos!
Sound Check Africa is a Tim Godfrey Initiative, conceived by
him to empower, mentor , enhance, equip youths & give them A VOICE and a platform for the world to hear them.
The maiden edition birthed a group of talented & energetic
individuals called “Sound Check “ who are taking over the music industry one song at a time!
Okey Chuks has a unique sound and this song is so powerful
and a blessing!
Produced by SMJ @samuel_giveson, mixed and mastered by
@okeysokay for Rox Nation Studios

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