“WHAT SHALL I RENDER” is a transformative musical journey crafted by Oluwaseun Akhigbe & Worship Tribe. This soul-stirring song is designed to prompt deep reflection and inspire a heart of gratitude.

The track takes listeners on a worshipful experience, inviting them to join in the offering of their praise and worship to God. Oluwaseun Akhigbe & Worship Tribe lead the way with their heartfelt vocals and sincere lyrics, creating an atmosphere of reverence and thanksgiving.

The essence of “WHAT SHALL I RENDER” lies in the recognition of the countless blessings received from God. The song encourages individuals to ponder what they can give back to God in response to His goodness and faithfulness. It serves as a reminder to express gratitude and appreciation for the immeasurable love and grace bestowed upon them.

Through the power of music, Oluwaseun Akhigbe & Worship Tribe invite listeners to lift their voices in unison, joining together in a harmonious expression of thanks to Jesus. The song serves as a reminder that offering our worship is a worthy sacrifice and an act of surrender to the One who deserves all honour and praise.

“WHAT SHALL I RENDER” is more than just a song; it is an invitation to encounter the transformative power of worship. It encourages believers to reflect on their lives, acknowledge God’s blessings, and respond with heartfelt gratitude.

The collaboration between Oluwaseun Akhigbe & Worship Tribe brings a dynamic and engaging sound to the song, further enhancing its impact and resonance. Their passion for worship shines through, creating an atmosphere where listeners can connect with God on a deeper level.

As individuals engage with “WHAT SHALL I RENDER,” they are encouraged to reflect on their own lives and consider what they can offer to God in response to His love and faithfulness. The song serves as a catalyst for personal introspection and a call to surrender our lives in worship.

“WHAT SHALL I RENDER” is a powerful anthem of gratitude that resonates with the hearts of believers, drawing them into a deeper place of worship. Through this transformative musical journey, Oluwaseun Akhigbe & Worship Tribe invite listeners to join in the sacrifice of praise and lift their voices in adoration to the One who is worthy of all honour and glory.



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