Zina Light, a talented gospel music minstrel, songwriter, and performer, has made her debut with the release of her single “My Daddy” under Joliz Records. Born in Kom, Cameroon, Zina Light has had a passion for singing since her early years.

Her breakthrough came when she emerged as the winner of Joliz Record’s Kingdom Voice Talent Hunt in 2022. Following her victory, she was signed to Joliz Records, a prestigious record label that recognized her exceptional talent.

“My Daddy” is a heartfelt tribute and love song dedicated to God the Father. The song beautifully reflects on and celebrates His unconditional love. Through her soulful vocals and compelling lyrics, Zina Light conveys a deep sense of gratitude and adoration for God’s love and faithfulness.

The release of “My Daddy” marks an important milestone in Zina Light’s musical journey. The song showcases her ability to connect with listeners on a spiritual and emotional level, drawing them into a place of worship and reverence. With its captivating melody and uplifting message, “My Daddy” is set to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Zina Light’s debut single, “My Daddy” introduces listeners to her unique musical style and powerful voice. Her heartfelt delivery and sincere lyrics create an atmosphere of worship, inviting listeners to join in praising and honouring God the Father.

“My Daddy” is now available on all major digital music platforms, making it easily accessible to listeners around the world. Zina Light’s debut single is a testament to her talent, passion, and dedication to sharing the message of God’s love through music.

As Zina Light continues her musical journey with Joliz Records, listeners can look forward to more uplifting and inspiring music from this talented gospel artist. With her captivating vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Zina Light is poised to make a significant impact in the gospel music scene.

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